Various Types of Condos That You Will Find in Singapore

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There are different types of housing in Singapore and condominiums make up some of the most popular options among Singaporeans. Every owner enjoys a single unit, which can range from a small studio to a huge penthouse. There are also common facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, elevators and other communal facilities that are available for use by every condo resident. Condominiums in Singapore come in different types and categories, and the choice depends on many factors such as budget, house size, age, personal taste, and preference as well as lifestyle. Some factors that may appear negligible such as the type of developer can have a significant influence on the choice of a condominium.

There are three main categories and different types of condominiums in Singapore. Marina One Residences falls into one of the categories and has different types of condos for everyone. Below is a detailed explanation of the three common categories of condos in Singapore.

Mass Market Condos
The condos are found in the heartland areas of Singapore such as Tampines, Choa Chu Kang, and Bishan. You will usually not find the most coveted amenities like private lifts in a mass-market condo, but you can enjoy essential facilities such as a 24-hour security system, car park, and a swimming pool. The starting price of the condos stands at $600psf making them ideal for budget-conscious buyers who are looking to move from public housing to a private property. Executive Condominiums, a housing option introduced by the government falls under this category.

Mid-tier Condos
You will find this condo type in areas around Tanjong Rhu, Novena, Newton and East Coast. Their proximity to the city center plus their offer of a wide range of amenities has made them a favorite for most young professionals who just began their careers. Most mid-market condominiums cost approximately $800 per square foot.

High-End Condos
Marina One Residences falls under this category. They are the most coveted condos in Singapore following their luxurious features and facilities. The condos are located at the city center and other prime areas such as River Valley, Sentosa, Marina Bay, and Orchard. A unit of a high-end condo like Marina One Residences condo is priced around $1000 per square foot.

There are also various types of types of condos for everyone depending on their personal preferences. They include:

Studio apartments are popular among the elderly looking for an accessible house without stairs and the young people who are in the process of building a future. They have a small total floor space with some of them going as low as 18sqm. Studios have an open plan layout design comprising of a kitchen, bathroom, and living room, dining room and a bedroom.

Bedroom Units
You will find this type of condo units at Marina One Residences. The units can vary from one to five bedrooms depending on the size of your family and other personal needs. They are ideal for people with families since they provide the maximum level of privacy that a studio does not offer.

You should only consider a loft if convenience of accessibility is not a major issue of concern as these units includes staircases. They are slowly becoming more popular in Singapore due to their aesthetic appeal. A loft is a unit with high ceiling, elevated bedroom overlooking an open living space. Cooling a loft in hot weather can be a little challenging hence the need to invest in huge windows to save on the energy costs.

Bi-Level or Maisonettes
This unit is similar to a loft, but it does not have an overlooking area found in a loft. However, it has a full second floor, which resembles that of a two-storey house with the features now erected inside the condo.

Marina One Residences has one of the most beautiful penthouses in Singapore. They offer the highest level of privacy and space compared to the other types of condos. They are usually located on the uppermost floor of a condo and usually have private amenities such as a swimming pool, private lifts, and lanai among others. They are the most expensive type of condo, but the price is often worth all the luxury in a penthouse.

All these are the most common condos you will find in Singapore. There are other additional ones such as dual-key condos which have two separate entries and two different living areas, but they are not very common. The condos are evolving constantly, so you can rest assure that there will be more variations of condo types in the future!


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