The Upcoming Developments in Marina Bay: Marina One


Considered as one of the areas in Singapore that have seen tremendous development during the last several decades, Marina Bay has become an important international financial centre, as well as an exclusive civic space.

This area is not only an ideal place for luxury lifestyle – with wisely implemented solutions that will be effective for a long-term period.

Here are some of the mixed-use architecture undertakings that are meant to change the Marina Bay area and take the term high-class living to an entirely new dimension.

What does Marina One Residences represent?

Being one of the latest developments in this part of Singapore, Marina One Residences is a mixed-use real estate at Marina South that should be completed by the end of 2017.

The team known as M+S Pte Ltd that consists of the reputable businesses from Malaysia and Singapore (Khazanah Nasional and Temasek Holdings) developed the project. Its unique design was revealed for the first time at the beginning of 2013, and the prime ministers of these countries attended the ceremony.

The excellence of this project lies not only in the quality of the designers’ idea and stunning appearance but also in the flexibility of the design and sustainability. Those factors were promoted through insisting on the incorporation of the beautifully designed green areas that resemble lush tropical forests all across the property.

Why is Marina South an attractive place for potential condominium buyers?

Marina South is the area next to the Straits of Singapore and Bay South Garden, and it is considered as the future leader when it comes to high-class living that also promotes sustainability.

The best about this area is that it will become an open residential district consisting of mixed-use properties without fences, abundant with pedestrian zones and cycling paths. This plan makes the area of Marian South a place that perfectly combines busy lifestyle with the peaceful natural environment, allowing residents have an easy getaway from the city noise and pollution.

Numerous public areas, as well as recreational and entertainment amenities in this part of the city, are additional reasons that make Marina One Residences Singapore a perfect choice for those looking for a condominium. There are also many arts and cultural landmarks in the area, making it an ideal choice for families that wish to spend time together while relaxing on the weekend. Examples include the Art Science Museum, or even Gardens by the Bay.

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