The Types of Units You Can Expect at Marina One Residences

Singapore Marina One Residences Condo Price

Singapore is well known for its high rising and magnificent condominiums. The condominiums were not only built to show the architectural talent of Singaporeans, but to show that people of different tastes, wallets, preferences, lifestyle, and commitments can co-exist in the same building. At Marina One Residences, there are different types of units that you can choose. Before exploring the amenities offered in Marina One, let’s take an inside look at what this beautiful condominium has to offer.

1 bedroom
This is the smallest and standard unit you can find. The master bedroom (which is the only bedroom) has a walk in wardrobe which is divided into two. The master bedroom is quite spacious and can accommodate a King-sized bed without taking too much space. The bedroom door leads you to the living/dining room area.

This is where all the fun happens because it is the area where your guests will have unlimited access to. The living is almost trapezium-shaped with lots of area to allow your creativity take center stage when you arrange your furniture or ornaments of value. The kitchen takes up some space from the living area since the unit has an open plan design.

It is the type of unit without a private lift lobby. This one bedroom unit is suitable for a single person or a young couple without kids. The unit has a simple and solid design that will make you grab one to live in it.

2 bedroom
The two bedroom unit is almost similar in layout and design to the one bedroom unit. The two bedrooms are adjacent to each other. However, the master bedroom is much bigger than the junior bedroom. The master bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe that will lead you to the master bathroom. The kitchen is surrounded by the junior and master bathroom.

The gourmet kitchen is relatively small and allows the living room to be as spacious as possible. Although there is no physical wall that divides the room, you can easily see that there is enough room for the living and dining areas.

Expect the unit to have a private lift lobby. The 2 bedroom + study unit is similar to the 2 bedroom unit. However, the notable differences are the shape, size, and layout.

3 bedroom
As the number of bedrooms increase, the size and the sophistication of the units also increases. This unit has a private lift lobby. The main entrance to the unit leads to the living / dining area. The area is spacious and rectangular in shape. From the living room, you can easily make your way to the wet kitchen.

The master bedroom comes with its own private bathroom. It has a walk-in wardrobe. The master bedroom is very huge and one can be forgiven for mistaking it with a living room. A King-sized bed would sit perfectly fine in this bedroom and leave plenty of space for you to be creative with your space.

The other two junior bedrooms do not differ much in size. They both have a walk-in wardrobe but are not as big as the master bedroom.

4 bedroom
This is the best that money can buy you at Marina One residence. This is a unit designed with class, prestige, luxury, and sophistication in mind. If you want a big space for yourself or your family, then this is the right unit for you.

With four big bedrooms at your disposal, you have your perfect dream home to raise a family or start one. The private lift lobby takes you straight to the spacious living room. The living room itself is almost the size of one bedroom unit. You can do almost anything with the vast amount of space that you have. Combining the space and brilliant design, you can easily turn this living room into a show room.

All the four bedrooms lie in a single row but it is the master bedroom that will easily demand your attention. With its walk-in wardrobe and private bathroom, this is more than just a standard master bedroom. It is the symbol of status and prestige.

The remaining three bedrooms are relatively equal in size although one of them is bit bigger. Apart from the private master bedroom, the other two bedrooms are strategically positioned around the unit so that you can have quick access to them from anywhere in the unit.

Find out more about Marina One Residences condo price and take a look at their floor plans to discover which is the ideal option for you. Don’t miss the chance to reside in this luxurious environment!

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