Types of Condominiums in Singapore


With the recent increase in demand for condominiums in Singapore, the quality of condos has risen as well. Some are even constructed with glass for a futuristic look. Who would not want to live in a condo with picturesque views of the city? It is like living in your high-rise palace. More and more features are being incorporated into condominium living to sway the younger generation into investing. Marina One does this by positioning itself in the best possible location at the heart of the city with easy access to food, entertainment and work. The price of Marina One Residences Condo is then well deserved, especially due to how every minute detail was planned for the residents to have a comfortable stay there.

Coupled with the fact that transportation is now readily available from most condos, it is no surprise that demand is slowly rising as the economy becomes slightly better. Singapore has various types of condos that fit different kinds of individuals. If you are considering buying a condominium in Singapore, here are the different types available:


The studio condo has the smallest floor area. It features an open layout design and can be identified by a single living room that contains the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. The bathroom may only be covered slightly, but is still completely functional. It is ideal for young people who want to start building a future for themselves and don’t need much space. Elderly who want an accessible home without stairs can consider living here as well.

Bedroom Units

The bedroom units are the most popular, and they are identified by their partitions within a unit. The number of bedrooms can be up to 5, and it is ideal for families who want to give their kids the privacy that single-family homes do not offer.


These loft flats are becoming more popular in Singapore and can be identified by the elevated bedrooms and high ceilings seen in the apartment. They have stairs that are used to access the bedrooms. They also have large windows that do not offer privacy like the bedroom units.


The bi-level units look like two-storey houses and are sometimes confused for lofts. They are similar but can be differentiated by their lack of an overlooking area like the loft. They have a complete second floor that is not open on the first floor.


The penthouse has been named the king of condo units, and it is not difficult to see why. They are usually set at the top of a building with deluxe amenities such as swimming pools, private lifts, spacious balconies and more.


The dual-key unit has two self-contained living areas with two separate entries.

The condo industry is thriving in Singapore and is also evolving to meet the needs of the potential buyers.

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