Marina One Residences: Exploring The Office Area


Keeping in mind that Marina One Residences has been recognized as a Best Mixed-use Development at the Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2012, there is no wonder why the office area of this complex attracts as much attention as the residential area does.

Situated in one of the most attractive business areas in Asia, and in the very heart of the Financial Business District in Singapore, Marina One Offices is an extraordinary business complex and is considered as the core of the financial power of the city.

How does the office complex look like?

Featuring two of the larger floor plates in Asia, the commercial towers in Marina One Residences are supposed to have two high-density plates of 100,000 square feet (net).

All of the offices situated inside the complex are divided into two zones represented by two stunning commercial towers (Grade A) – Marina One East Tower and Marina One West Tower, each of them comprising of 30 stories and occupying an impressive area of more than 1.80 million square feet.

Marina One Offices pay attention to the environment and sustainability

The design of the East and West office tower was also awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum Rating, which is the award received for the environmentally friendly concept and thorough approach to sustainability.

Some of the most important environmentally friendly features offered by Marina One Offices are

  • Energy saving systems for the lifts and ventilation,
  • as well as even distribution of the sky terraces and gardens through the building (which makes it possible for the cooling load to spread)

Marina One perfectly combines busy lifestyle with natural setting

What is especially attractive about the office complex in Marina One Residences is the fact that it is perfectly combined with the breathtaking private gardens and green areas of the property.

The view of this exotic, lush environment and the possibility of enjoying the nature during the work hours are perfect ways of refilling a person’s energy supplies.

In other words, the employees in this office complex can have a quality short break, which may include some meditation and relaxation moments, during the regular breaks from the busy office rhythm.

Finally, the most spectacular aspect of the Marina One office complex is the way the towers dramatically reflect the light and seem to deepen the surfaces, taking the perception of the entire complex to an even higher level.

Unsurprisingly, the residential area of the development is absolutely stunning as well, with beautiful furnishings available. Contact a property agent to view the Marina One Residences showflat location today.

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