Irresistible Residential Amenities of Marina One Residences


Marina One Residences is considered a high-quality option for those looking to choose the right luxurious apartment. Even though it is located in a beautiful neighbourhood and it offers stunning views, its location is not the only reason for this property to be popular among the buyers.

In this article, all interested parties can find out more about the breathtaking amenities offered in this residential property, and discover the reasons that make it so unique.

A wide variety of high-quality recreational amenities

Marina One Residences is one of the properties that offer to their tenants a large number of ways to be active, stay in shape, and be healthy. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, the developers of this building offer an aqua gym, a sauna, a steam room, a Jacuzzi, a wellness sanctuary, a gymnasium spread over 200 square meters, as well as an incredible 50 m lap pool. All these amenities are united under the slogan “Marina One Residences – Space to Rejuvenate.” Residents can then have the option to enjoy a large range of different activities to suit their comfort level and mood.

Diverse entertainment possibilities in a luxury environment

For the tenants looking forward to having enjoyable moments inside the complex, Marina One Residences has provided “Space to Entertain”. The concept consists of residents’ clubhouse with concierge counter, cosy barbecue terraces, private dining rooms and private lounge, as well as beautiful Teppanyaki terraces and a party area. Residents can choose to have birthday parties, a social gathering with friends or even other residents at the many locations available.

Places for meditation and getting in touch with nature

For buyers who are looking forward to enjoying peaceful moments in the natural environment, this complex also offers so called “Space for Reflection.” This area is abundant with greenery, exotic trees, relaxation cabanas, and a magnificent waterfall in the area of Lush Green Heart.

Everything you can ask for at a single place

As if all of the listed amenities of Marina One Residences were not enough, the developers have also introduced the concept named “Space to Indulge”, which is supposed to unite a broad range of different modern contents. Therefore, in the area of this complex, one can also find the retail area as well as signature dining facilities.

Per the information stated above, Marina One Residences can be considered as the residential area that offers everything a tenant may ask for. High-class interior, modern and sustainable concepts, and the broad range of services that are available to everyone without leaving the property are the advantages that make condominiums here even more attractive.

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