Home Design Trends For Your Condo


To make your home feel cosy, you just need to know how to manage your space and bring out the best in your condo. For those that are planning to buy a condo in Singapore or have already bought one but have yet to decorate it, here are some home design trends for you to consider.

Condo design trends include the following:

Bold colours

This season, the cheery colours are trendy for condo owners. This year’s Pantone colour was awarded to Greenery, which is a blend of peppy and fresh yellow-green. We can expect to see more condos with this bold colour design this year. Other attention-grabbing and vibrant colours to expect are emeralds, lime greens, as well as bright blues.

Such colours that resonate with nature will certainly fit environmentally-friendly condos like Marina One Residences.

You can try out one of these colours on your condo wall, as it will add contrast to the walls of the condo. Intense colours may put off some people; so if you are one of them, consider including some décor in those colours instead. Add some fun and colourful accents to the dining or living room.

Other trending colours include French-blue, kale, and fiery orange.

Cosy Furniture

Condos are helping to introduce warm, comfortable and inviting furniture into the scenery. This trend will offer some respite from the modern day craze of the digital world we live in. Furniture associated with it includes deep sofas, luxurious throw pillows. You also have cushions and rugs built with soft, plush materials like mohair and faux fur.

Mixed Patterns and Textures

The proposed pattern this spring will include mismatched textures and patterns. You can achieve this by blending tiles or other materials in the condo. That will give it a unique, more enticing and eye-catching appearance. Experiment with interrupted floor patterns, wallpaper and mixed fabrics this year.

Murals and Rugs

Wall murals, as well as area rugs, are expected to be trendy this season. They will vary in style, size, texture, and colour. The pieces are considered as art and will enhance the condo room design. When you add any of these murals or rugs to your condo, you’ll create room for smoother and more fun conversation.


As expected, marble is trending again and is a big design trend this year. Marble has made a comeback on tabletops, flooring as well as vases and serving platters.

Modern Classics

This season is also expecting a return of the modern classics, and it will emphasise on traditional designs with a beautiful modern twist. For instance, the traditional Slipper Chairs can be modified to sport higher backs as well as stubbier legs. We also expect to see more well-crafted, uniquely designed furniture pieces. With this design, you can give the condo in Singapore a new look that will involve high-quality porcelains and blown glass sculptures.


This season, Terracotta tiles may be on trend once again. The white tones have been replaced, and the earthy tiles have taken over. A little warmth can be added to your condo by incorporating some terracotta tiles to create a more homely atmosphere.


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