How to Find Rental Condos in Singapore


If you have been through the hectic process that comes with trying to find the perfect place to live, then you know just how frustrating it can be to search for a long time only to settle for something mediocre. Here are some ways to find your perfect place without having to move around. Here are a few options.

Using a property agent

This may be your best option as Singapore is one of those places where there are great property agents available to help you find the right residence for you. Search for recommended property agents online or ask for recommendations from your friends and family members. Be sure to be very specific on what you want and include details such as your preferred location, the number of rooms/ bedrooms, price range as well as amenities preferred.

Review sites

Due to the popularity of property sites, more and more condo developers choose to target the online market to marketing their new developments. As such, different writers and writing sites take it upon themselves to come up with reviews for these new developments. Through such reviews, you will not only get to know which projects are the best, but also such details as how much units go for, their sizes and even current availability. For instance, if you want to know more about a project like Marina One Residences, simply do a Google search about it. You will get results showing its location, when it is to be launched and even how many condos have been pre-booked already. Learning the price of Marina One Residences is then an easy task, as there would likely be existing resources online.

Review sites then work as your second best option for finding your perfect new home with least effort.

Property magazines

Of course, with this option, the more current the magazine, the better the chance that the information is accurate. Look for such magazines as SRX to get the latest news in the real estate market in Singapore. That will give you a hint of what’s new and what is currently available. It could also be useful in a situation where you want to buy a new property and not just rent a condo.

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