Facts about the Condo Industry in Singapore


In the recent past, the Singapore real estate market suffered a plunge that had everyone worried. Property agents and investors were perhaps the most anxious about the projects they had running, the majority of which were condos in the making. To the joy of many people, Singapore’s real estate market is slowing rising again, with more high-income locals purchasing condo developments. Here are some reasons why the market has seen this growth, and why you should consider playing a part in it:

Ready market

Condominiums are now being developed in many places that have excellent accessibility, leading to impressive convenience for potential residents. As expatriates and working adults that work at the city centre will usually prefer to live nearby, many condo developments are suitable for them. Places like the Marina One Residences is perhaps the best example of outstanding convenience, with residents being able to live just a few minutes drive away from the city centre. Office units are also available in the development, making it truly the pinnacle of convenience.

Furthermore, condominiums have a broad range of amenities available, allowing residents to have access to resources to fulfil their everyday needs like having gyms for exercise.


Due to the plethora of condominium options available on the market, developers are challenged to continuously improve their ideas and be better than their competitors. That will lead to more innovative ideas that will benefit the future residents as they can enjoy the new and unique features.

World-renowned developers

Unsurprisingly, many will take into consideration the developer of the project, as past projects may help shed light on the successfulness of the current development. If the developer is world-renowned, expectations will certainly be high, with many predicting great things. An example will be the Marina One Residences project, which is developed by M+S Pte Ltd, a joint venture between Khazanah National and Temasek Holdings. This stellar project is a stunning development, with unique features like a 13m high waterfall as the focal point of the residences. To view the Marina One Residences showflat, contact a property agent now.

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