Estimated Sale Prices of Marina One Residences


Background of the Marina One Residences

The Marina One Residences project was started up in the year 2012 where the Urban Redevelopment Authority “sold” the project to M + S who are currently developing it. The lease terms dictate that the property is leased to M+S for 99 years and is to be developed into a community asset.

The architect behind the floor plans for the Marina One Residences is Christoph Ingenhoven. Along with the help of garden designers Gustafson Porter, Kathryn Gustafson and the use of the ICN design, the Marina One Residences have been designed to be a beautiful haven for both residential and commercial purposes.

Predictions and plans of the Marina One Residences

The Marina One Residences rest on 3.67 million square feet. That avails the prospect of a million possibilities in as far as developers, and even everyday citizens expect. For starters, the design is said to include two residential towers that hold 34 storeys each. On the other side, two other towers will stand holding 30 storeys long of offices. That means that with all possibilities put in place, one can live and work within Marina One Residences.


The estimated selling price of Marina One Residences stands at $2,600 per square foot. As a way of testing the market, M+S released 242 residential units for booking on payment and within a short while, 206 of those units had been bought. The early bird price stood at $1.4 million up to $1.7 million for one and two bedroom apartments. As the development continues, more and more people are buying into the Marina One Residences development.  For those that are interested in staying in the development, all you need do is to contact a realtor and express interest in the units. Be specific on the size of the unit and purpose it is for, as an office unit will differ from a residential one. You can then receive an invitation for viewing once the units are completed.



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