Costly maintenance mistakes condo owners make


Condos offer security and unparalleled amenities such as pools and gyms to occupants. More often than not, these facilities are free to use. The condo management manages the facilities, leaving you free to use them without any worries. However, you should note that such maintenance may not always extend to your unit should there be any damages.
Learning to maintain your home properly will help eliminate the guesswork while you are living in. Here is an outline of some of the costly maintenance mistakes condo owners make.

Failing to handle water damage

This is one costly mistake condo owners make because it can result in both damages to your property and can causes injuries. Condos have good water systems, but like every other property, wear and tear will occur. Some faucets may begin to leak, with some being visible while others may be hidden inside the wall. It is easy to spot both, and they should be fixed immediately after they are discovered. Water damage can be disastrous in so many ways as it can affect the building structure, causing mould to grow. As you know, a mould is unsightly and can be a health risk. Mould can also weaken the structure of the building, and the cost of such repairs would be far more than the cost of fixing the leaky pipe.

Failing to maintain appliances

Appliances need regular maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. When they aren’t maintained, they could break down, and it’ll cost you more money to get them fixed or buy a replacement device. Remember to schedule HVAC maintenance at least twice a year, depending on how often you use those appliances. You should also not neglect to have the air filters in your refrigerators replaced.

Trying to control room temperature

When you leave the air-conditioning on for a long time, you increase the chances of it becoming damaged. Additionally, this will have a negative impact on the environment. Instead of turning the air-conditioning on for the whole day, you might want to consider using fans as a more environmentally friendly option. If you have any issues with your air-conditioning system, contact a technician immediately before the situation worsens.

Taping the walls

If you decide to place wallpapers or paintings on the walls, you must avoid the use of tape or adhesives as the drywall may be pulled off. Fixing this problem may be quite expensive.


Procrastination doesn’t help when it comes to maintaining your condo in Singapore. Create a schedule for maintenance and set up reminders on your mobile device to help you remember. Follow up every maintenance plan and supervise the process.
Maintaining your condo in Singapore is critical, as it will make your stay more comfortable. Proper maintenance will also improve the value of the condo in the event you want to sell the property in the future.

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