What to Consider Before Buying a Condo in Singapore


Buying a condominium in Singapore can be difficult if you have specific requirements for your condo. You may need to consider the best type of condo that will be suitable for your family. Would you prefer a studio apartment or perhaps a one-bedroom condo? Do you want beautiful scenery? Would you prefer a condo with more than just the essential amenities such as a pool? These are just a few of the important considerations you should make in your search for the perfect condo in Singapore.

Finding a condo isn’t difficult. The problem is finding a perfect one for your family. You should consider these factors before closing the deal:

Condo unit type

Most developers in Singapore offer condos of different kinds in a single building. The smallest condos are the studio units, and they are ideal for young people. The bedroom unit offers up to 5 rooms and can house large families comfortably. The penthouse is a stand alone condo with dedicated elevators while the loft condo is a flat with a high ceiling façade to give it a modern look. The last option is the dual key condo, which offers its occupants two different entrances into two connected condos. You can decide on which type you prefer based on your family size or budget.


No one would want to live in the middle of nowhere. Whichever condo you decide to choose must be easily accessible. Marina One Residences is one such condo with its prime location near some of Singapore’s most famous attractions like Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. The price of Marina One Residences should then be unsurprising. It should also have modern day conveniences like elevators to make your daily life a little easier. Surely you don’t want to climb a flight of stairs to reach your condo daily.

Building security

A condominium has lots of occupants and security should always be of high importance. A condo with security guards 24/7, CCTV cameras, gated facilities, and excellent security systems for the individual apartments will be fantastic. Also, a superb service should have rules about entry and exit for visitors to control the influx of people.

Parking space

Even if you do not have a car yet, it is necessary to consider this factor. You may decide to get a car after moving in, or your guests may need to park their car when they visit you.

Features or amenities

All condos should have basic amenities, but some have more features than others. If you want to have shelves, air conditioning, food delivery services, concierge, you’ll need to check if your preferred condo has them.

Evacuation Plan

The evacuation plan of a condo is vital because it can save your life in case there is a natural disaster or fire that requires emergency evacuation.

There are other factors you can consider such as the unit plan and the view of the condo. Pick a condo in Singapore that suits your lifestyle as well as your budget. Don’t forget that your comfort is paramount.


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