Attractions Near Marina One: Gardens by the Bay


Those who are having second thoughts when it comes to buying a residential unit in Marina One Residences certainly should not have them. The rich cultural, recreational, and educational availability of this area, makes Marina Bay offers a fantastic place to spend time at.

If there are potential buyers who are not sure if the lush exotic ambience surrounding Marina One Residences is enough of greenery for them or their family, they should have no worries. One of the most incredible attractions that are easily reachable from Marina One Residences is definitely Gardens by the Bay.

What do Gardens by the Bay offer to the visitors?

The Gardens by the Bay represent one of the most incredible garden areas not only in Singapore but the entire Asia region.

This area is not only famous for bringing the beauty of nature to the busy modern area of Marina Bay, but it is also a mind-blowing horticultural attraction that captures the attention of both local people and visitors from all around the world.

It features the most incredible species of plants, starting from those that are usually seen in cooler climatic conditions to those you may find in exotic habitats.

The structure of the Gardens

The area of the Gardens consists of three magnificent water-front gardens – Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central, each of them creating a different world of flora.

Bay South is the largest of them, and it features a wide variety of floral displays, with Blossom Beats, Tulipmania, an Orchid Extravaganza as the most attractive ones. There is also a wide range of festivals, movie screenings, concerts, community events, educational workshops and various exciting school programs in the area of the Gardens.

While the Bay South is usually the one that gathers the largest number of curious tourists, Bay Central and Bay East are perfect for some peaceful relaxation moments. To reach Bay East, you should go through Bay Central, that represents an extraordinary three-kilometre long water-front promenade that charmingly connects Bay East with Bay South.

How to reach Gardens by the Bay from Marina One Residences?

All of the future tenants of Marina One will be happy to know that it does not take more than a couple of minutes of a slow and relaxed walk for them to reach the breath-taking Gardens by the Bay. Alternatively, the easiest way for them to arrive at the Gardens is pretty simple; residents can go through Central Boulevard and Sheares Avenue.

Contact a property agent today to view the stunning Marina One Residences showflat and perhaps spend some time at the Gardens by the Bay.

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