Areas Near Marina One Residences: Marina Barrage


Marina One Residences Condo is a popular property in Marina Bay not only because of its spectacular appearance and facilities but also because of its location. Situated at the heart of the Bay, this real estate provides easy access to some of the most wonderful public green areas in this part of the city.

Read on and find out more about Marina Barrage, an incredible place in the vicinity of Marina One Residences where you can organize a perfect picnic and a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Why is Marina Barrage one of the largest attractions near Marina One Residences?

This area represents a combination of an area with an important practical use and a recreational zone. It is famous as a perfect place for both fun and peaceful moments, providing a large space for a variety of activities, including yoga, meditation, family picnics and more.

Owed to the fact there are no tall buildings or skyscrapers surrounding Marina Barrage, this park represents one of the windiest parts of the city, making it perfect for kite flying.

The park is especially charming in the evenings when the sun goes down slowly and leaves you charmed by the beautiful view that overlooks the busy city, including Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, the Singapore Flyer. This stunning view also makes Marina Barrage a popular hotspot for photographers in search for a photo session location.

If you decide to visit Marina Barrage with your children, make sure to take them to the kids’ favourite spot – the amusing fountain area, where they will be able to play and freshen up.

Important information for the visitors to Marina Barrage

Residents of Marina One Residences will be able to easily access the greenery of Marina Barrage, which is an incredible combination of a dam and a park located at 8 Marina Gardens Drive, that can be visited anytime.

The best thing about this place is probably the fact that you do not have to pay to enjoy its beauty – it is free for everyone, and it is reachable via the path leading through the Gardens by the Bay. The walk from this area to Marina Barrage does not last longer than 10 minutes. While walking to the Barrage, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. After all, Gardens by the Bay is known for having spectacular flora and fauna. However, if you prefer having a direct ride to the park, you should have no worries – there is a car park and a taxi stand near Marina Barrage.

Staying at Marina One Residences will bring about plenty of excellent benefits for its residents. Apart from its excellent location, Marina One Residences will have a large number of stellar amenities for its residents to enjoy.

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