Amenities You Can Find in Condos


In Singapore, the sales of condos have risen, and they are no longer considered as homes for single people or individuals looking to downsize. This growth in the market has made developers realize how important amenities in condos are. Amenities in condos are useful features that are accessible to condo owners in the premises. Some amenities are paid for before use, while others are used free of charge.

Some traditional amenities include party rooms, fitness centres, recreational areas, swimming pools, guest suites, concierge security, as well as visitor parking. Some condos have all these amenities, while others have a few of them. The Marina One condo in Singapore, for instance, has an ultra-modern fitness centre, a bio garden and other fun amenities.

Amenities to look out for

When you are searching for a condo to buy, you should consider the amenities as well as the costs that come with them. Another fact to consider is that you may have to pay monthly fees. Therefore, you should choose a condo that will provide amenities that are useful to you to perfect your living experience in the condo. If you plan to have guests over frequently, you might one to get a condo apartment with an extra room that can be turned into a guest room.

Is a pool/gym necessary? In truth, a pool and gym provided in the condo premises could save you thousands of dollars on membership. Additionally, it is definitely more convenient as you don’t need to drive down to the pool at a community centre.

Having a party room may be a luxury to some, but for others, it is a necessity. It may be uncomfortable to have parties inside the individual condos making a party room a great option. The party room isn’t restricted to parties alone; other events can be done there.

Staying outdoors for recreational activities can be great if the condo has a space for recreation. You could play basketball, football, or even have picnics with family and friends. Such open areas are highly recommended because they can be therapeutic. Marina One created something similar with their garden that is built with lush greenery and lounging areas.

One more crucial amenity is concierge security. This security system keeps the condo safe and makes life a lot easier. They help out with bookings and other needs. However, their main job is to look out for suspicious activity within the condominium. They have CCTV cameras to assist them in spotting visitors in the condo or strangers walking around. This gives the residents assurance of their safety, helping them to feel more relaxed as they live in the condo.

For condo owners who may be having guests over, guest suites will be a great addition to your condo. It will save money on hotel bills and is a lot more comfortable. Also, it can fit the whole family instead of having to stay in separate rooms.

Guest parking may come in handy, as guests won’t have to go in search of parking spaces. These are essential amenities that you should look out for as you search for a condominium in Singapore.

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