4 Questions to Ask Before Buying A Condo in Singapore


Buying a condominium should not be an activity done without prior consideration. Before you decide to invest your money in buying a condominium in Singapore, you should first find out everything you can about the different aspects of the chosen real estate.

This article will answer an essential question: What are the things you must know before purchasing a particular condominium? An example of development will be Marina One Residences, the mixed-use real estate located in Marina Bay.

#1 Who is the developer?

This is the first question you must find the answer to when looking for an ideal condominium. The reputation of the developer, its visions, and market position may tell you a lot about the quality of the condo. Other factors will include the design, construction materials, sustainability, and many other important facts that you should not miss.

For example, the developer of Marina One Residences is a well-known group of the internationally famous names from the world of real estate, Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd, working under the name of M+S Pte Ltd.

#2 How old is the real estate?

Once you find out the age of the property you are interested in, you will be able to know what to expect regarding the structure, furniture, security, etc. The younger the real estate is, the chances are that you can expect a more modern and the safer condominium.

As Marina One Residences is a property that is supposed to be completed in 2017, you can expect that both it’s indoors and the outdoors area will provide you with high quality, safe and reliable amenities and facilities.

#3 How much space do you need in your condominium?

As condominiums commonly do not offer as much room as houses or other types of larger residential properties, you should ask yourself how much space you need.

Choosing an adequate unit type is an important aspect in the process of buying a condo. While you may be fine with a one-bedroom condo today, you should consider your plans for the future. Are you thinking about expanding your family or having guests coming over frequently? If so, you may need a bigger space than you initially expected.

In Marina One Residences, you can find different types of residential units to suit your needs, starting from one-bedroom units all the way to four-bedroom units and penthouses.

#4 Is the real estate affected by noise and pollution?

You may wish to consider the possible noise and pollution in the vicinity of the condo, as a noisy or polluted condo will likely lower your standard of living.

If you plan to live in a high-quality real estate in Singapore, like Marina One Residences, which comes with excellent acoustic isolation, noise definitely should not worry you. The entire complex is built in a way that minimises the heat issues, and in addition to that, it is surrounded by the natural ambience that provides shady areas abundant with fresh air.

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